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Project Management

The term project management when applied to construction encompasses situations where projects are sometimes larger and there is a requirement for more than one professional to be involved on behalf of a client.

Project management as a skill that occurs throughout all construction projects and AMA Surveyors are often engaged as project managers using the same skills regardless of the size or complexity of the building project.

Where other professional consultants are required including architects, structural engineers, building service engineers, acoustic engineers and interior designers AMA Surveyors as Chartered Building Surveyors have the appropriate skills to act as a client’s representative or project manager.

AMA Surveyors can create the team from their own contacts to deal with all aspects of a project or alternatively AMA Surveyors can work with a client and to secure the appointment of consultants or can work with consultants who have already been appointed by a client.

Part of project management is the ability to monitor works for example on behalf of a third party such as an investor or a prospective occupier or tenant. In such circumstances AMA Surveyors provide a monitoring service. The project monitoring of a building project will ensure that the works being carried out comply with a client’s requirements and are of the appropriate standard as set out in any agreed specification document.

Project monitoring often occurs as part of a commercial or residential development. AMA Surveyors with their skills as Chartered Building Surveyors are able to provide such services.

AMA Surveyors can therefore provide a whole range of services in connection with project management and monitoring for all types of property and for all circumstances please contact us to discuss your requirements.