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Are you a tenant and have you had a schedule of dilapidations served on you in respect of a lease for premises?

Are you the landlord of a property and the lease is coming to an end and need a schedule of dilapidations prepared?

Are you a landlord of a property and your tenant has failed to repair the building which is now suffering from some damage?

AMA Surveyors as Chartered Building Surveyors have dilapidations skills because of their ability to inspect a building, to examine a lease and ascertain the extent of any repairing liabilities, and to know the extent of any repair or remedial work required and what are the costs of remedial work.

As a result AMA Surveyors have the appropriate expertise and experience in dealing with dilapidations matters both in respect of small building such as shops and small offices and workshops to large office buildings, warehouses, factories and multi-let shops parades.

When clients approached AMA Surveyors about a dilapidations matter the first step is to examine the lease and any relevant other documents, to provide the client with some preliminary advice which often but not always may be free of charge.

This is then followed by the inspection of the property and the subsequent preparation of a schedule of dilapidations.

If it is during the term of a lease then the obligation would be on the tenant to carry out some repairs and if we are acting for the landlord it is to ensure that those repairs are properly completed and if we are acting as for the tenant then we would attempt to minimise the extent of repairs required for negotiation with landlord’s surveyor.

Dilapidations that occur at the end of a term of a lease either result in the tenant carrying out the works in which case the result is similar to that described above for an interim schedule or it becomes at the end of a lease the subject of a monetary claim by the landlord on the tenant for the repairs and decorations that the tenant is liable for under the term of the lease but which has now ended so that the only option the tenant has is to pay a sum of money as compensation.

AMA Surveyors both when acting for landlords and when acting for tenants have been successful in achieving above an average results for their clients. This in part is due to the skills and expertise and experience of AMA Surveyors and also in particular their negotiating skills.

Dilapidations arguments are complex and not easy to understand which is why it is essential that if you are faced with a dilapidations problem you need a chartered building surveyor and you need AMA Surveyors.

If you have dilapidations problems contact Andrew Mazin.