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Building Surveys and Due Diligence

Are you purchasing a property either as an owner occupier or as an investment?

Are you taking a lease on a property and will be responsible for repairs or will be contributing by way of a service charge?

You are about to commit significant financial investment both in terms of time and money to a property and need the expertise and experience of a Chartered Building Surveyor to advise you as to the current condition of the property and whether there are any issues with the construction of the building which you should be aware of and future potential liabilities.

The building survey carried out by a Chartered Building Surveyor will also advise you if there is possible non-compliance with statutory regulations.

The building survey will also indicate if there are areas requiring further investigation.

The building survey report will also provide information which your legal advisors would be recommended to obtain and further enquiries to be made.

As Chartered Building Surveyors, AMA Surveyors undertake building surveys of all types of construction and use of property and all ages including listed buildings.

In commercial transactions in particular due diligence is required especially in order to ensure that any relevant statutory regulations are either being adhered to or the appropriate documentation has been examined.

AMA Surveyors have advised clients on property portfolio transactions including where trading companies have merged or been taken over and due diligence of the portfolio has been undertaken.

A similar exercise occurs when property investors are acquiring an investment property in order to ensure that the building does comply with leases and statutory regulations so as to ensure that the property is properly managed and appropriate measures are undertaken if so required.

AMA Surveyors ensure that when undertaking a building survey they provide clear advice to a client with recommendations if possible.

Very often time is of the essence in a transaction and AMA Surveyors endeavour to provide clients with a preliminary summary of the building survey soon after the inspection has been carried out and prior to the publication of the report so that the client may make an informed decision. This preliminary summary provides an itemised list of the main issues that the surveyor has identified and will cover in their report.

Please contact Andrew Mazin who will be able to provide you with a fee proposal for any building survey instructions you are considering.