Expert & Dispute Services

Expert & Dispute Services

AMA Surveyors are Chartered Building Surveyors and have considerable experience and expertise in dealing with potential issues and provide a range of advisory and other services to clients in connection with a range of disputes that can occur.

Andrew Mazin has been a practicing and qualified Expert since 1996 and has acted in a number of cases and appeared at both Court and Tribunal hearings.

Expert witness and dispute related services fall into a number of categories and Andrew Mazin has acted in these.

Expert Witness – This is when an appointment is made to obtain advice as to a particular dispute and as to the merits of a party’s case in that dispute. Andrew Mazin has often acted as an Expert in a wide range of disputes of all sizes and status.

Single Joint Expert – This is sometimes required as part of the directions by the Court that the parties to a dispute have to agree the appointment of a Single Joint Expert so there would be one Expert who will be appointed by both of the parties. Andrew Mazin has often acted as a Single Joint Expert.

Expert Determination – This is when the parties agree to refer a dispute to an expert to provide a binding determination on a matter. Andrew Mazin has been appointed as an Expert to determine a dispute between two parties.

Arbitration – This is an alternative to litigation and arbitration provisions are provided for within various types of contract in an attempt to provide a quicker alternative dispute resolution system. The arbitrator can either be appointed by a professional body or the parties can agree the appointment of an individual as an arbitrator. The individual will be appointed because of their professional standing, expertise and skill. Andrew Mazin has on occasions been appointed as a parties appointed Arbitrator in connection with building and property disputes.

Adjudication – This is a quicker dispute resolution system established in particular for construction contracts to ensure that disputes get resolved while construction contracts are in progress.

Mediation – This is when a mediator is appointed to try and encourage parties to discuss their case as a way of facilitating a settlement to a dispute. Andrew Mazin has acted as an Expert and advice clients going through mediation and has appeared with clients at their mediation.

The range of subject matter that Andrew Mazin has acted as an Expert and provided dispute resolution services include:

  • Surveyor’s negligence
  • Building defects
  • Building works and building contract disputes
  • Dilapidations
  • Party wall matters
  • Boundary disputes
  • Landlord and tenant issues
  • Management of property

In fact all building and property related matters within the expertise of a Chartered Building Surveyor

In acting as an Expert, Andrew Mazin, provides an objective, professional, unbiased and independent assessment of a dispute and thereby ensuring that a client embarks on and incurs the costs of dispute resolution knowing their case has been reviewed in such a manner.

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