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Building Works

Are you contemplating carrying out building works, maintenance, major repairs or renewals, alterations, refurbishment, or extensions to an existing property or the construction of a new build?

A Chartered Building Surveyor has considerable experience and expertise with construction knowledge and technical information about buildings which makes them suitable for the design and specification and the management of building works and operations.

AMA Surveyors are able to prepare specifications for a range of building works and regularly are involved in projects be it maintenance works to blocks of flats such as cyclical external repairs and decorations, and other major works to blocks of flats such as roof renewals and structural repairs.

Where specific defects are identified AMA Surveyors will diagnose and prepare specifications and manage the remedial works.

With refurbishment of buildings for either development or owner occupation AMA Surveyors can provide a range of services in connection with the building works required.

Fit outs of commercial property for speculation or for occupation can be designed, specified and managed by AMA Surveyors.

If properties have become damaged and are subject of an insurance claim such as in the event of storm damage, damage caused by fire, damage caused by flooding and structural movement such as subsidence, AMA Surveyors are able to investigate and prepare detailed specifications and schedules of work.

AMA Surveyors would inspect the property, diagnosed the extent of the works, take into account clients requirements and intentions.

Projects aim to achieve client’s satisfaction and by using the services of AMA Surveyors risks are minimised and projects are completed successfully taking into account budget and time.

Even in situations where clients have had designs prepared by architects and others AMA Surveyors are engaged as the Contract Administrator to manage the works thereby ensuring both quality of the work completed and also exercising cost control during the works and on completion.

AMA Surveyors can therefore provide a whole range of services in connection with building works for all types of property and for all circumstances please contact us to discuss your requirements.