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Reinstatement Cost Assessments

AMA Surveyors provide a professional service in connection with the assessment of the cost of rebuilding a property in the event of total loss such as by a fire which is required as a declared value of the property for rebuilding purposes by insurers for which they will provide insurance cover. This is to enable insurers to calculate the premium for which we all pay buildings insurance.

It is therefore essential for the validity of the insurance policy that the amount of cover provided to a property is accurate.

If the amount of cover is not accurate then either owners of a property will be over-insured in which case they are paying too much in their premiums for cover that they do not need or if they are underinsured and had a claim insurers may not pay the full amount of the claim and will reduce it on a proportionate basis compared to comparing the undervaluation to what should be the real valuation. This can result in owners of a property suffering a significant loss in the event of damage to a property.

For that reason therefore chartered building surveyors are able to provide advice and to carry out calculation required for a reinstatement cost assessment of a building.

AMA Surveyors regularly undertake these assessments.

AMA Surveyors have carried out assessments of a range of buildings including blocks of flats, period buildings, mansion blocks of flats, and commercial buildings of all types.

AMA Surveyors have also provided portfolio advice for property companies and investors where assessments may have only been carried out on a proportion of a portfolio but the annual review of the insurance advice is obtained from AMA Surveyors about individual properties and the portfolio as a whole.

It is recommended that assessments and valuation of buildings for insurance proposes is carried out periodically so that the correct and appropriate level of insurance cover is provided.

If you want further advice or have a discussion about your insurance cover please contact Andrew Mazin.